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Issue 178 — March 4, 2015
HTTP caching can be slower than localStorage, so why not store fonts in it for quicker rendering later? Interesting idea. There's an article with some background.
Jaime Caballero

In order to support mobile devices, Google is now converting Flash ads it serves up to HTML5 if Swiffy is capable of doing so.

A guide to styling different quantities of HTML elements in different ways. Some interesting approaches here that are not often used in CSS.
A List Apart

Red Gate Software
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The Flexible Box Layout module (flexbox) makes it possible to create boxes that can shift, reorder and resize depending on the context. Karen Menezes presents an overview along with small demos.
Smashing Magazine

An extensive look at what motivated Microsoft to build a new rendering engine focused on interoperability and adhering to modern Web standards.

JWTs are an authentication mechanism that give you a structured way to declare users and what they can access.

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In Brief

'Hosted Web Apps in Windows 10 Won't Use A Host App and Will Use W3C Web App Manifests' news
Matt Lacey

WebRTC Project Now Sharing More on GitHub news
Code samples, demos and tests now on GitHub.
WebRTC Project

Making It Easier for Enterprise Customers to Upgrade to IE 11 news

The WebRTC Race Begins Today news
A strategy-level overview of the state of WebRTC and its increasing usage.

You Know How to Code, but How Are Your Design Skills? course
Learn UI UX design through part-time, online courses with 1-on-1 mentorship from expert designers.
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A Native HTML5 Autocompleting 'input' Using the 'list' Attribute tutorial

Build a Simple Image Editor with CSS Filters and jQuery tutorial

Creating and Animating A Clock using CSS Animations tutorial
CSS Animation Rocks

How Cards Are Quietly Transforming The Web opinion

HTTP2 for Front-End Web Developers opinion
Don't forget to check out our WebOps Weely if things like this interest you.
Matt Wilcox

Circulus.svg: The SVG Circular Menu Generator tools
Sara Soueidan

Seascape: WebGL Demo of a Procedurally Generated Sea Surface demo

soundcloud-audio.js: Wrapper Around HTML5 'audio' and SoundCloud Tracks and Playlists APIs code
Dmitri Voronianski

vivus.js: Animate SVGs as If They're Being Drawn code

Parse5: WHATWG HTML5-Compliant HTML Parsing/Serialization Toolset for Node code
Ivan Nikulin

ngWebAudio: AngularJS Module for Playing Audio using the WebAudio API code
Zhen Wang

History.js: HTML5 History/State API Support for All Browsers code
Browser State