Frontend Focus
Issue 188 — May 13, 2015
Karen Menezes looks at CSS’ ‘clip-path’ property which lets you work with polygons (via CSS or SVG) for masking elements in various ways.
Smashing Magazine

Brian Rinaldi looks beyond the use of the Web Audio API for cute demos and tricks, and into actually using audio for practical purposes to improve UIs on the Web.
Brian Rinaldi

Response image support (with the ‘picture’ element and ‘img srcset’), WebSockets for Web Workers, BroadcastChannel support, and more. There are also notes for developers.
Mozilla Hacks

Frontend Masters
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The ‘img’ tag has been around since the early days of the Web but ‘figure’ is new in HTML5. What does it add and when should it be used instead?
Callie Kavourgias

‘With the Chromium 42 release, H.264 hardware video decoding support has been expanded to OS X. Now Chromium on Macs, Windows 7+ and essentially all Chromebooks support power efficient decoding of video by default.’
HTML5 Rocks

With Microsoft’s switch from Internet Explorer to ‘Edge’, IEBlog has been retired and an all new blog has been started to keep up to date with Microsoft’s browser developments.
Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

May Android WebView’s problems be gone. Crosswalk is a great choice for building hybrid mobile apps on Android that provides an alternate webview for HTML5-based Cordova apps.
Intel Corporation

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In Brief

JavaScript Moves Forward in Microsoft Edge with ECMAScript 6 and Beyond news
Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

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Learn to Create HTML Emails, a New Code School Course news
Code School

What's New in Chrome 42: Push API, Install Banners and the Fetch API news video
Pete LePage

Mozilla Launches A New Firefox Version Without DRM Support news
Firefox 38 supports the Encrypted Media Extensions API but there’s also an option for people against the idea.

Mozilla Adds -webkit Prefix Emulation to Select Sites in Firefox news

Getting Started with HTML5 Video tutorial

A Short Note On aria-labelledby and aria-describedby tutorial
“The ARIA attributes aria-labelledby and aria-describedby can be used to provide an accessible name or accessible description for a subset of HTML elements.”
Steve Faulkner

The At-Rules of CSS tutorial
Geoff Graham

Register for the Forward Web Tech Summit Livestream video
Watch Douglas Crockford, Sarah Mei, Kyle Simpson, Christian Heilmann and Dan Shaw discuss the web's future.
Forward Web Technology Summit  Sponsor

Microsoft Edge: What Designers Need to Know opinion
Webdesigner Depot

Flight Arcade: A WebGL-based Flight Simulator demo
It’s not quite Microsoft Flight Simulator, but is a reasonable way to waste a few minutes.

Escher and The Droste Effect - A WebGL Fragment Shader demo
Bird Games

Bootstrap Tabs That Keep Track of History using the HTML5 History API code
Jeff Green A Realtime HTML5 Framework code
A lightweight framework for building high performance realtime single page HTML5 apps.

ReadRemaining.js: Tell Readers How Long Needed to Read Any Text code