Frontend Focus
Issue 207 — September 23, 2015
WebExtensions provides a new way to write Firefox extensions, but the API is mostly compatible with Chrome’s extension API bringing cross-browser extensions a step closer. This tutorial walks through building one.
Mozilla Hacks

A variety of insights from Bartek Lenarth, an accessibility expert from Poland, on what elements of Web design particularly matter for the blind.

The MessageChannel, MessagePort, and CSS Font Loading APIs are enabled by default. A Cache API has also been implemented.

Easy SMTP integration and a simple, RESTful API abstracts away the messy details of sending transactional or bulk email. Scale quickly, whether you need to send 10 or 10 million emails. Start sending email now with Mailgun
Mailgun   Sponsor

A list of the various properties and methods which when requested or changed from JavaScript will trigger a costly layout refresh (a.k.a. layout thrashing or reflow).
Paul Irish

Kicking off with a jazzy musical demonstration, Stephen Band leads into a 30 minute talk on working with user interfaces (both visual and hardware) for handling audio in the browser.
SwissJS 2015

A preview version of an ORTC API implementation is in the latest Windows Insider Preview release. (ORTC essentially provides a more programmatic JavaScript based API to RTC functions than WebRTC presently does.)
Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

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In Brief

CSS Basic UI 4, CSS Text 4 & CSS Round Display 1 Working Drafts Published news

Interested in building a mobile app? news video
Learn how to move from mobile app idea to deployment, fast. Watch the webinar.
Telerik  Sponsor

Chrome to Remove SMIL Animation Support news
If this affects you, this is the place to be heard.
Tobi Reif on Twitter

HTML5 Looks Good in Light of Google, Facebook and IAB Moves news
Carl Weinschenk

Facebook Will Accelerate Adoption of Web Push Notifications news
Karly Cyr

The Self-Taught Web Developer's Guide to Landing Your First Job news
A paid e-book for career-seeking webdevs.
Ken Rogers

GitHub Enables Subresource Integrity for CDN Assets news
Uses a new browser technology called Subresource Integrity.
GitHub Engineering

Stereoscopic Rendering in WebVR tutorial
WebVR brings the Web and the Oculus Rift VR headset together.
Mozilla Hacks

Building a HTML5 Control Surface for Ableton Live tutorial
Live is an awesome music sequencer and digital audio workstation.
Vincent Alsteen

The Web Audio API: Make Your Own Web Synthesizer tutorial
A quick tutorial on building a simple browser-based synth with the Web Audio API.
Stuart Memo

25 Tutorials for Developing HTML5 Web Browser Games tutorial
Web Design Wheel

Getting Responsive Tables to Behave 
Responsive table CSS based upon a solution from CSS Tricks but with some significant variations.
Joshua Hibbert

Customising Cross-Browser Range Inputs with CSS and JavaScript tutorial
Steven Estrella

Dealing with Long Words in CSS tutorial
Just Markup

New Animation Inspector Features in Firefox 43 video
Patrick Brosset

8 Reasons Why I'm Glad I Switched to the Ionic Framework opinion
Josh Morony

Understanding Versions in An Evergreen Browser opinion
Some insights into Edge’s versioning scheme.
Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

Building an Enterprise CSS Framework opinion
Salesforce UX

Base64 File Encoder: Drag a File On, Get Base64 Back Instantly tools
Jaime Pillora

latex-to-html5: LaTeX Documents to HTML5 Conversion Tools tools
Stefan Marr

flowchart.js: Draws SVG Flow Chart Diagrams from Textual Representations code
Adriano Raiano