Frontend Focus
Issue 217 — December 2, 2015
Adobe’s take on Web standards and the diminished role of Flash. Flash Professional CC has now been renamed to Animate CC and will focus on HTML5-driven Web animation creation.

If you’ve felt learning about the Flexible Box layout mode was a bit dry, you might enjoy this interactive alternative to the specs.
Thomas Park

With font-display you can choose how/if web fonts are displayed when the page is being rendered and while they are being loaded.
Ilya Grigorik

Get a breakdown of the digest cycle including AJAX, templating, services cache calls. See how each controller spends its time and what’s slowing your app. Sign up to the private beta.
Opbeat   Sponsor

A look at how HTML parsers interpret HTML and build DOM trees from it. Sometimes the order of elements is important due to changes in ‘scope’.

You can surf the Web like it’s 1999 with this interesting tool that brings together old browsers and the Wayback Machine. It’s slow due to all the interest but it works.
Ilya Kreymer

An interactive overview of mobile device integration APIs available on the web (and your current browser), where they work and how to use them.

Chrome DevTools’s ‘Device Mode’ will let you emulate a variety of mobile devices in the normal desktop browser making mobile Web development easier.

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In Brief

MS to Stop Supporting IE8, IE9, and IE10 in January 2016 news

Exporting SVG from Adobe Illustrator CC news tutorial
Illustrator’s SVG exporting has received some upgrades.

Give back to the developer community-apply to teach today. news
Actively seeking web developers to join our tight knit family of passionate teachers and earn royalties.
Pluralsight  Sponsor

Improvements to WebRTC Support in Chrome 47 news
Google Gets Major Redesign news

An Introduction to Hardware Acceleration with CSS Animations tutorial

Web Push Notifications from Irssi tutorial
A look at getting notifications from a server-hosted terminal app.
Mozilla Hacks

Animating Your Brand tutorial
24 Ways

CSS Product Magnification — without JavaScript tutorial code
Michael Weaver

Faster Sass Builds with Webpack tutorial
Francois Ward

Must-Know Techniques for HTML5 Responsive Design tutorial

Essential Reading List for Getting Started With Service Workers 
The Changelog

To 3D And Beyond: WebGL and WebVR For Fun And Profit video
Martin Naumann

Custom Elements: The Contentious Bits opinion

A New Responsive Font Format for the Web? opinion
Robin Rendle

tq: Perform A Lookup by CSS Selector on an HTML Input tools
A command line utility written in Python.

Gridly: A Minimal CSS Grid System code
Ionică Bizău

AutoAnimations: Automatically Animate All Inserted and Removed DOM Elements code

Microm: A Microphone to MP3 Library code
Brings together lamejs, webrtc-adapter, and RecordRTC.
Hector Leon Zarco Garcia

mo.js: Motion Graphics for the Web code
Oleg Solomka

Ambry: A WebStorage Wrapper Library code
Sergey Rubanov

Discover 52 tips to improve your .NET performance rawurl
Our new eBook features dozens of tips and tricks to boost your .NET performance. Download your free copy.
Redgate  Sponsor

X-Wing: A Simple Star Wars Flying Game on WebGL demo

Pearl Boy: An Amazing WebGL Water Scene demo
Goo Engine

RC455: A Web Audio Synthesizer demo
Barak Chamo