Frontend Focus
Issue 234 — April 6, 2016
HTML5 was released in 2014, but now the Web Platform Working Group (WP WG) is working towards an HTML5.1 release in the next six months.
Leonie Watson

A tool to visualize and analyze the API overlap between standards specifications and support across Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

A new browser for devs to get an early look at upcoming technologies in Safari, including layouts, visual effects, and dev tool improvements.

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Mailgun   Sponsor

A comprehensive guide to Grid, as things stand in the latest spec. Grid is a 2D, grid-based layout system that may change the way we build grid-based Web UIs.
Chris House

Opera’s former CEO is behind the effort along with a rather extensive team. The interface is built using JavaScript and React.
Robin Wauters

An explanation of how an idea becomes a specification at the W3C.
Aaron Gustafson

Uses WebGL and voxels rendering to create a pixel-perfect replica of the original, all in JavaScript. (Check it out before Nintendo take it down?)
Scott Lininger

A demo of all the data your browser can figure out or provide about you — without asking you for any permission.
Robin Linus

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In Brief

Chrome Is Finally Getting Native Push Notifications on OS X news
This work will allow the use of native notifications instead of Chrome’s own in-house system.
Owen Williams

Whitepaper: The Future of JavaScript—2016 and Beyond rawurl news
Learn what is coming around for Node.js and JavaScript in 2016 and beyond in this free whitepaper.
Telerik Kendo UI  Sponsor

Payment Request API: W3C Editor's Draft news
Describes a web API to allow merchants to accept payments from different payment methods with the browser driving the process.

HTML Media Extensions Group to Continue Work news
As part of making video a first class citizen of the Web.
Philippe le Hegaret

Using CSS Containment tutorial
Michael Scharnagl

What Are CSS Modules and Why Do We Need Them? 
CSS modules are ‘CSS files in which all class names and animation names are scoped locally by default.’
Robin Rendle

A Working SVG Workflow for Accessible Icons tutorial
Hugo Giraudel

Changing The Cursor with CSS tutorial
Two ways in which Geoff thinks controlling the cursor in CSS can improve the user experience.
Geoff Graham

Annotating Your (Critical) CSS tutorial
Wladston Ferreira Filho

Moving From HTML Grid Systems to CSS Grid Systems tutorial
Zell Liew

Inline CSS at Khan Academy: Aphrodite story
A look at how Khan Academy has moved to inlining CSS in JavaScript components to improve load times, as well as a tool they’ve built to help.
Khan Academy Engineering

Web Animation Past, Present, and Future opinion
Rachel Nabors

CSS and Scalability opinion
Adam Morse

Future CSS opinion
Front-end engineer Josh Marsh asserts that the way we think about CSS is changing dramatically.
J. Ky Marsh

Is Web Typography Completely Broken? opinion
Zell Liew

Service Worker Toolbox: A Collection of Tools for Building Service Workers tools
Google Chrome Team

stylefmt: A Modern CSS Formatting Tool tools
A tool for automatically formatting / linting stylesheets.
Masaaki Morishita

yos: Lists Your Installed Yeoman Generators and Subgenerators tools
Buster Collings

Popper.js: A Library Used to Create 'Poppers' in Web Applications code
Where ‘poppers’ are things like tooltips and pop-overs.
Fez Vrasta

Play Videos Inline on the iPhone Without Canvas in 1KB code
Federico Brigante

react-dropzone: Simple HTML5 Drag-Drop Zones with React code
Andrey Okonetchnikov

Polyfill to Support 'object-fit' on Images on IE9-11 and Edge code
Federico Brigante

Future-proof your JavaScript with’s new online course: 'Angular 2 Transitional Architecture’ rawurl course
Master RESTful API's, ES6, TypeScript and more for moving to Angular 2. Attend remotely and take advantage of recorded sessions after course completion.
RANGLE.IO  Sponsor