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Issue 269 — December 14, 2016
Starting in January users will be prompted to run Flash on a site-by-site basis for sites that they have never visited before.

TJ VanToll explains the history and significance of browser form validation finally appearing in Safari and why he thinks developers should give it a shot.
Telerik Developer Network

You’re probably familiar with browser console debugging, but this is a handy up to date guide with a few advanced uses I wasn’t aware of.
Google Developers

100% jQuery-free Angular 2 components built from ground-up which deliver the business app essential building blocks.
Progress   Sponsor

Modern browsers use the GPU to render parts of pages, but sometimes you need to take a certain approach to make it work smoothly. A deep dive with many lessons here.
Sergey Chikuyonok

PWA or AMP? Both! A look at how we could combine progressive web apps and AMP to provide fast Web experiences with all the niceties of native apps.
Paul Bakaus

Do libraries and frameworks prioritize components on boot? If so, how, and if not what can we do? In exploring that question Paul Lewis considers that Server-Side Rendering isn’t a silver bullet.
Paul Lewis

Rachel looks at how far the CSS Grid Layout has come and some of the things she thinks it could do in the future.
Rachel Andrew

Sarah Drasner examines how well-done Web animations provide an informative experience for guiding your users. 44 minutes.
Sarah Drasner

An attractive and useful color picking tool site we first linked last year. The creators have also shared their story of its creation.
Dixon and Moe

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In Brief

EU Ready to Set Laws for Accessibility Testing news
The EU parliament is drafting a directive to force companies to conduct web accessibility testing.
Jade Mitchell

'95% of [Filesystem API] usage turns out to be incognito detection' news
.. and suggests the API may be removed in future. Notes from a team behind Web-facing storage APIs.

HTML Interactive Form Validation Now Enabled By Default in Safari Preview 19 news

Polymer is the Whole Package tutorial
An introduction to the Polymer library and its ecosystem.
Northern Logic

First Steps in VR tutorial
Shane Hudson looks at how to get involved with VR using A-Frame.
24 Ways

Google Analytics Shows Screen Resolution != Browser Window Size tutorial
Find out how to monitor it for yourself but about 39% of users don’t run their browser close to full screen size.
Chris Coyier

On Getting Old(er) in Tech opinion
Lead Code Whisperer Don Denoncourt warns that we're only as good as what we’ve accomplished in the last two years.
Corgibytes  Sponsor

CSS Shorthand Syntax Considered an Anti-Pattern opinion
Harry Roberts

Patterns for Accessible Webchats opinion
A look at which technologies help make webchat software more usable with screen readers.
Theodor Vararu

W3C Workshop on Web and Virtual Reality: A Look Ahead video
Mozilla Hacks

Making a Modern Version of Space Invaders Using TypeScript video
Nikos Katsikanis

Leveraging HTML5 Animations Using CSS3, Ember.js, and Friends video
Jessica Jordan

Make A JavaScript Drum Kit in Vanilla JS video
Wes Bos

Free O'Reilly eBook - 'Intelligent Caching' - Optimize Front End Performance at Scale 
Use "Intelligent Caching" as a resource and guide for optimizing performance on your website or application. Download now
StackPath  Sponsor

Real Favicon Generator: Cover All Platforms and Variations Quickly tools

Premonish: Predicts Which DOM Element A User Will Interact With Next code
Matthew Conlen

scrollMonitor: A Simple, Fast API to Monitor Elements As You Scroll code
Stu Kabakoff

CSS Pokémon (built with Clip-path, CSS Variables and Transitions) demo
Luke Haas

Apparently Transparent: Creepy 3D CSS Demo demo