Frontend Focus
Issue 273 — January 18, 2017
Ire Aderinokun is excited about adopting Feature Queries, Grid Layout and Native Variables this year.
Ire Aderinokun

A look at the area above the browser’s viewport where users expect to be reassured about a page’s legitimacy but where they can also be easily fooled.
Eric Law

A succinct 17 minute talk on the history of modern Web technology, Service Workers, apps, and where things are headed bringing it all together.
Nolan Lawson

Sencha, Inc
React can be used to build user interfaces (UIs) for web apps, but React developers have to provide the components to build the UI. Fortunately, there's a better way. Learn how React developers can now use Sencha’s powerful Ext JS components in their React apps, using the new Ext JS Reactor.
Sencha, Inc   Sponsor

A very thorough attempt to cover all the fundamental concepts you need to get comfortable with the CSS Flexbox model.
Ohans Emmanuel

Styled-components are used to enforce best practices by removing the mapping between styles and components, and include actual CSS in your JavaScript code.
Max Stoiber

Slanted, curved, or otherwise irregularly-shaped header sections are a modern Web design trend. Here’s a thorough look at some approaches to implementing them.
Ahmad Nassri

Designed for building Retina-ready ‘silky smooth’ animations and effects. Tons of demos, plus the GitHub repo.
Oleg Solomka

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In Brief

webpack 2.2 Released: The Popular Module Bundler news
Sean T. Larkin

Opera Launches Neon, A New Experimental Desktop Browser news
Frederic Lardinois

Edge Introduces Support for Content Security Policy Level 2 news

Web Rebels (June 1-2 in Oslo, Norway) Call For Papers news
Speakers to this much celebrated event are usually invite only so this is a great opportunity.

Live Workshop tomorrow: React Native, SVG and D3 news
Register for tomorrow’s live interactive online workshop with a two-week free trial to Forward Courses
Forward Courses  Sponsor

Full-Color Emoji Coming by Default to Microsoft Edge news

Random Numbers in CSS (using JS and CSS Variables) tutorial
Robin Rendle

A Simple Intro to localStorage and sessionStorage tutorial
For saving key/value pairs locally from the browser.

Building a responsive HTML5 app? Learn the must-know techniques with this whitepaper 
If you're a HTML5/JS dev, responsive web design is or will be a requirement in the near future. This whitepaper will give you the must-know on responsive web.
Progress  Sponsor

How I Destroyed My Blog's Performance with CSS Background-Blend-Modes story
“just because a browser has a feature, doesn’t mean you should use it”

Beware These 9 Design Elements Your Front-End Developers Hate opinion
Careful when sharing this with your bosses or customers ;-)
Marissa Epstein

'I Swore Never to Use CSS in JS, Here Are 6 Reasons Why I Was Wrong' opinion
Tal Bereznitskey

Moving Beyond localStorage opinion
.. to WebCrypto and IndexedDB?
Mo Bitar

tlapse: Create A Timelapse of Your Web Development tools
A utility that takes periodic screenshots of your site while you develop.

CSS Triggers: A Table of Which CSS Properties Trigger Repaints tools
Paul Lewis and Das Surma

Clippy: A CSS 'clip-path' Maker Tool tools
The clip-path property lets you to make complex shapes in CSS by clipping an element.
Bennett Feely

The Top 50 Developer Tools of 2016 tools
Front-end technologies dominate these lists from StackShare.

iTyped: Simple JavaScript Animated Typing Effect with No Dependencies code
Luis Vinicius