Frontend Focus
Issue 291 — May 24, 2017
Filmed at Google I/O, Paul Irish runs through new Chrome DevTools features in 41 minutes.
Google Chrome Developers

How to create scalable, fluid typography across multiple breakpoints and predefined font sizes using ‘Poly Fluid Sizing’.
Jake Wilson

Attend full-day hands-on React workshops and dozens of talks at ForwardJS San Francisco this July.
ForwardJS   Sponsor

Love or hate it, it seems having a checkout or similar process split across multiple pages instead of in one big form works better.
Adam Silver

The :focus-within property is now supported in a few major browsers and there’s a polyfill to use for full coverage.
Scott O'Hara

There’s a new ‘Audits’ panel showing quality measurements for various aspects of your page and easier tracking of third party resources.
Google Developers

An easy way to make color adjustments to an element in a non-destructive way.
Steven Bradley

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In Brief

Payment Handler API: First Public Working Draft news
Provides a standard way to initiate payment requests from Web pages.

ActivityStreams 2.0 Now a W3C Recommendation news
For representing common online social objects, activities, and their relationships.

This is What Microsoft Said About Progressive Web Apps at Build news
Paul Thurrott

$20 Free Credit on a new account. 
Linux cloud hosting starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo. Use promo code HTML520 and get $20 credit.
linode  Sponsor

The Tools of an HTML Email Workflow tutorial
Chris Coyier

Shape Detection API: Detecting Faces and Text Inside Images tutorial
A look at a new and very experimental API currently only available in Chrome and Opera behind a flag.
Dean Hume

Ordered Lists with Unicode Symbols for Bullets tutorial
Steven Estrella

Some Handy `:nth-child` Recipes as Sass Mixins tutorial
Adam Giese

The Future of Audio and Video on the Web video
John Pallett and Francois Beaufort

Monitoring Jank: How We Found The Slowest Parts of Our UI story
Gaining visibility into how an app performs after it has been loaded in the browser.
Leighton Wallace

The Making of Freeciv WebGL 3D: An Open Civilization Clone story

Go Long on Web Components opinion
Jani Tarvainen

GetImageColors: Get Colors From Your Images tools
Extract colors and generate CSS, Less, SCSS or Sass variables.
Avraam Mavridis

9 Top Animation Libraries for Web UI Designers in 2017 tools
Alex Walker

A Collection of Sublime Text 3 Plugins for Frontend Devs tools
Johannes Filter

SQL Source Control: Track each change to your SQL Server database tools
Get a full history in your source control system. See who made changes, what they did & why. See how.
Red Gate  Sponsor

Workbox: Google's Libraries for Progressive Web Apps code
“Workbox is a rethink of (Google’s) previous service worker libraries with a focus on modularity.” GitHub repo.

Birdview.js: A UI Experiment to View an Entire Page at Once code
Fits a visual ‘birds-eye’ overview of a web page into your viewport.
Achraf Kassioui

Interactive Dynamic Depth of Field with CSS and JS demo

A Water Droplet Effect WebGL Shader demo