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Issue 200 — August 5, 2015
A writeup about how the precision in values provided by the Battery Status API could be used to track users who otherwise didn’t want to be tracked. If you want more detail, here’s the academic paper (PDF) behind it.

Chrome developer advocate Jake Archibald argues that the modern Web isn’t more complicated to code for but that users have higher expectations and halting technological advancements is not a worthwhile strategy.
Jake Archibald

A method that involves checking for browser capabilities before loading further CSS and JavaScript to give the user an enhanced experience.

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Defines a mechanism to allow web developers to instruct a user agent to clear a user’s locally stored data related to the current host and its subdomains.

A look at two cutting edge CSS filter features: backdrop-filter, and a filter specifically for backgrounds only.
Vincent De Oliveira

A (PDF) paper describing a new approach to displaying subtitles alongside HTML5 video content in a responsive manner.

You like quizzes, right? This one’s only 9 questions long.

Pointer events are now supported in the nightly builds of Firefox. Check out this article for details and how to use the API.
Mozilla Hacks

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In Brief

Using Asm.js and WebGL for Unity and Unreal Engine news opinion
A good overview of how the technologies have been tied together.

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Web Inspector Interface Changes news
Some key changes to WebKit’s developer tools are now in in WebKit Nightly Builds and the Safari 9 beta.
Surfin' Safari

YouTube Makes New HTML5-based Desktop Player Available to Everyone news

Opera 31 Released news
Also includes what’s new in the release (and also Chromium 44, upon which it is based).

Making and Breaking the Web With CSS Gradients tutorial
Mozilla Hacks

Responsive Solutions for Feature Comparison Tables tutorial

How to Become a Great Front-End Engineer opinion
Written by an engineer from Google.
Philip Walton

Microsoft Edge Review: Windows Finally Has A Good Browser opinion
The Verge

CSS: Why We Need Localized Constants opinion
James Coleman

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Super Mario World Implemented in a WebGL Shader demo
Krzysztof Narkowicz

A 3D Audio Visualization with Three.js and Web Audio API code demo
Neri Barnini

jquery.stacky: Easy Stacking of Panels using jQuery code
A jQuery plugin that gives you the ability to open panels horizontally on demand.
Miguel Jiménez

MediaElement.js: HTML5 Video and Audio Player code
John Dyer

react-dropzone: Simple HTML5 Drag-Drop Zone in React.js code
Param Aggarwal