Frontend Focus
Issue 199 — July 29, 2015
Peter-Paul Koch calls for a moratorium on new browser features for ‘about a year’ in order to catch up with what we already have. I disagree with the proposal but it’s a discussion worth having.
Peter-Paul Koch

Reflections on the W3C forming a new group to work on a digital musical notation standard for the Web. There are currently two pieces to the puzzle: MusicXML and SMuFL.
Create Digital Music

Never write a @font-face rule again using this and PostCSS. Just use ‘font-family’ and it’ll work out the rest.
Jonathan Neal

Opbeat have revamped their free metrics service, adding response time distributions, a full activity breakdown, and the ability to see the actual code that is slowing down the request, where is it called from when it was committed.
Read More.
Opbeat   Sponsor

While not finalized, Chrome’s experimental implementation of the Web Bluetooth API lets you access nearby Bluetooth devices from Web pages.
François Beaufort

Via a designer at Trello comes an eight part CSS guide that provides some structure for writing CSS so it stays clean and maintainable.
Bobby Grace

A tutorial from Lea Verou (extracted from her new CSS Secrets book) on the techniques behind creating dynamic pie charts without any images.
Smashing Magazine

A slick 20 part series of videos (all on YouTube but behind an e-mail wall) on the Flexible Box Model that lets you create elaborate liquid page layouts with CSS.
Wes Bos

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In Brief

Twitch Starts Dumping Flash for HTML5 news

Update On Standardizing Shadow DOM and Custom Elements news
Anne van Kesteren

You Know How to Code, but How Are Your Design Skills? course
Learn UI UX design through part-time, online courses with 1-on-1 mentorship from expert designers.
Designlab   Sponsor

Content Security Policy Level 2 Candidate Recommendation news
Used to declare a set of content restrictions for a web resource, and a mechanism for transmitting the policy from a server to a client where the policy is enforced.

CSS Display Module Level 3 Working Draft Published news
This module describes how the CSS formatting box tree is generated from the document element tree and the ‘display’ and ‘box-suppress’ properties that control it.

Phaser 2.4 Released: The Popular HTML5 and JS Gamedev Framework news

The Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishes 'Web Development Recipes 2nd Edition' news
The Pragmatic Bookshelf

A Look at Length Units in CSS tutorial
Gajendar Singh

Using the System Font in Web Content (on OS X and iOS) tutorial
Surfin' Safari

Measuring Performance in a Service Worker tutorial
Paul Kinlan

The Web is Too Low-Level opinion

Vendor Prefixes And Market Reality opinion

Cross Browser Testing That Doesn't Suck tools
All desktop browsers and mobile simulators running natively on your machine. 25% off with code HTMLWEEKLY
Position Fixed UG / BrowseEmAll  Sponsor

Diaporama: WebGL-based Web Slideshow Engine tools code
You’ve seen HTML-powered Web-based slideshows before, but this uses WebGL to take the effects to the next level.
Gaëtan Renaudeau

html5tooltips.js: Light and Clean Tooltips using CSS3 Animation code
Yevhen Tiurin