Frontend Focus
Issue 198 — July 22, 2015
A quick summary of Using HTML5 to Prevent Detection of Drive-by-Download Web Malware, an academic paper that shows how some HTML5 and related API features can be used to deceive malware detection systems.
Help Net Security

Microsoft answers a few questions on what they think about Web Components, will they be supported in Edge, and when.
Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

A lot like the graphics benchmarking tools video card reviewers use, except for WebGL and in your browser.

Angular lets you build dynamic, single-page web applications from scratch that are so smooth your users will forget they're still inside a web browser. Sign up online and start learning today!
Thinkful   Sponsor

Bills itself as a space for “everyone to discuss accessible web development”. You can also connect via IRC if you prefer.

A look at a clever tactic being used to combat ad fraud that uses WebRTC’s ability to gather the local IP address of a user.
Philipp Hancke

Open-source music notation rendering API supporting HTML5 Canvas and SVG.

A quick look at how Autoprefixer can rid your development code of annoying vendor prefixes.
Landon Schropp

A quick look at how a gamepad was wired up to control a remote control car via the HTML5 Gamepad API, Node, and an Arduino device.
Mate Marschalko

Some benchmarks showing how the latest version of the Edge browser performs against others. Good news; the Web is only getting faster.

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In Brief

The Latest Improvements for The F12 Developer Tools in Windows 10 news
Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

W3C Proposed Rec: Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) 2.0 news

IntuiLab Releases Touch-First, HTML5-Based Platform for Digital Signage Experiences news
Digital Signage Today

Making Music in the Browser - Web Audio API, Part 1 tutorial
Via the fine Web Audio Weekly.
Keith McMillen Instruments

JavaScript Forensics: `Script Error` tutorial
Understanding and diagnosing `Script Error`.
TrackJS  Sponsor

Smarter Grids With Sass And Susy tutorial
Smashing Magazine

An Introduction to the Physical Web video
Google Developers

Creating Better CSS opinion
Jake Bresnehan

Shader Editor: For Live Editing WebGL Shaders in Chrome tools
Chrome Web Store

Deploy code from GitHub BitBucket with ease! tools
Easily deploy your code from Git, Mercurial or SVN repositories directly onto your FTP or SFTP servers. 50% off for 3 months with code HTMLWKLY
Deploy  Sponsor

popper: Realtime Cross-Browser Automation tools
Pedram Emrouznejad

EndTime at Home: A Post-Apocalyptic Simulator Game demo

RumcaJS: Polyphonic Angular Synthesizer demo

Stateless.js: Simple Cross-Browser Context Persistence Library code
Eeo Jun

selectivity.js: Modular Select Dropdown Library for jQuery and Zepto code
Arend van Beelen jr.

ClickSpark.js: Add Particle Effects to Your JavaScript Events code
Looks a bit gimmicky but works well.