Frontend Focus
Issue 203 — August 26, 2015
requestIdleCallback lets webapps cooperatively schedule background tasks so they don’t compete with high priority or intensive tasks (e.g. input processing).
Ilya Grigorik

After a year of development, the first alpha release of Bootstrap 4 is out. Want to know what’s new? There’s an extensive What’s New post here.

For creating sliders, presentations, banners, and other step-based applications. The example is really smooth. Open source but with a commercial license.
Ian Lunn
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Get more control over making text oblique using CSS3’s ‘skewX’ transform rather than being subjected to the default when a typeface lacks an italic font.

In a 35 minute talk, Phil Leggetter demonstrates what Web Components are, how to use them and the state of native support in web browsers.
Forward 3 Web Summit

“We are implementing a new extension API, called WebExtensions—largely compatible with the model used by Chrome and Opera—to make it easier to develop extensions across multiple browsers.”
Mozilla Add-ons Blog

After last week’s IAB news, industry sentiment to ditching Flash appears to be picking up. Also, “Starting September 1st, Amazon will ban advertisements based on Flash across its owned and operated domains.”

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    In Brief

    Improvements in Accessibility for Mac OS X in Firefox 41 news
    Marco's Accessibility Blog

    Googlebot's JavaScript Indexing Doesn't Matter (Yet) news
    The high error-rate of crawlers combined with the inability to debug JavaScript errors paints a scary picture.
    TrackJS  Sponsor

    What's New for Developers in Firefox 42 news
    Wifi Debugging, Win10, Multiprocess Firefox, ReactJS tools, and more.
    Mozilla Hacks

    Persistent AppCache Injections news
    A security issue relating to HTML5 AppCache.
    Johannes Gilger

    Chrome DevTools Tips For Sublime Text Users tutorial
    Addy Osmani

    Typographic Patterns In HTML Email Newsletter Design tutorial
    Smashing Magazine

    WebRTC Video Chat in 20 Lines of JavaScript tutorial
    Uses PubNub for the background signalling.
    Kevin Gleason

    How To Animate Your Hybrid Apps with Animate.css And ngAnimate 
    Gone Hybrid

    Responsive Images 101, Part 9: Image Breakpoints tutorial
    Jason Grigsby

    Introducing Four: It's WebGL, but Easier tutorial
    A brief introduction to WebGL and then Four, a framework for quickly diving into the world of WebGL and 3D content in the browser.

    Classical Greek Geometric Borders in SVG tutorial
    Dudley Storey

    Reviewing CSS Animation Performance video
    The first in a series of videos about hitting 60fps with CSS animations.

    Why You Need to Refactor Your CSS opinion

    10 Common Mistakes Web Developers Make opinion

    Developer-Centric 'Varnish as a Service', Git controlled into dev cycle tools
    Software defined dynamic HTML caching. With metrics, diagnostics and SSL, you can set up in under 3 mins.  Sponsor

    Tune.js Demo: A Web Audio Microtonal Piano demo
    Andrew Bernstein and Ben Taylor

    The CSS Transitions Cheatsheet code
    13 simple code examples.
    Kirupa Chinnathambi

    Writ: Opinionated, Classless Styles for Semantic HTML code
    A drop-in stylesheet that renders plain HTML more nicely than the browser defaults.
    Curtis McEnroe