Frontend Focus
Issue 209 — October 7, 2015
A link to a detailed, easy to navigate slide-deck, but if you have the time, there’s a video of the talk too (47 minutes).
Addy Osmani

When you use ‘em’, the sizes are relative to the font size of the parent element. ‘rem’, on the other hand, is always based on the ‘root’ element of a document. All you could want to know about using them is here.

Paul reflects on the issues of building a podcast player app using Web technologies when cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) issues make it difficult to fetch third party resources without proxying.
Paul Lewis

Frontend Masters
Learn SVG optimization techniques, design for performance, animate complex, responsive, and beautiful animations with simple and easy-to-debug code for production.

Join us October 23rd! (online or in-person)
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

The HTML Working Group has published a Proposed Recommendation of W3C DOM4, the latest version of the platform-neutral model for events and node trees.

Describes a method of combining multiple DOM trees into one hierarchy and how these trees interact with each other within a document.

Development of the ECMAScript standard (the spec behind JavaScript) moved to GitHub recently and adopted its own HTML-esque markup format.
Louis Lazaris

Reflections on an academic paper which looks at the role of technologies like WebRTC in covert communications.
Martin Anderson

A cool code-driven Web-based slidedeck walking through some basic examples of 3D rendering on the Web.
David Scott Lyons

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In Brief

Browser Trends October 2015: Sustained Safari Slips news
Chrome continues to edge ahead, slightly.

Mozilla Hacks Unveils New Design news
Mozilla Hacks

Inspecting Security and Privacy Settings of a Site tutorial
Mozilla now provides a developer tool that allows users to inspect the security settings of a website.
Mozilla Hacks

How I Learned to Write A Chrome Extension in 5 Hours tutorial code
It adds extra control to Netflix and is open source.
John Coates

5 Ways to Make Your Site Rock on the Modern Web tutorial

Performance with requestAnimationFrame video

SVG and the DOM, or 'The Weirdest Bug I've Ever Encountered' opinion
Nicolas Bevacqua

Corpus: Yet Another CSS Toolkit tools
Jamie Wilson

bitcodin Adaptive Streaming Cloud-Encoding Service for MPEG-DASH and HLS tools
Encode your content with the same technology as Netflix and YouTube in a way that it plays everywhere with low startup delay and no buffering. Onboard easy via API.
bitcodin Encoding Service  Sponsor

stylelint: Modern CSS Linter tools

MetaRoom Markup: A Markup Language with HTML/CSS Positioning for 3D VR Elements tools
A markup language that builds virtual reality 3D Web pages by using HTML and CSS styles of positioning for 3D objects.

svg-mesh-3d: Converts an SVG Path to a 3D Mesh code
Has a great demo.
Matt DesLauriers

Popmotion: An Animation, Physics and Input Tracking Engine code
Used to drive the motion of UIs. It has native support for CSS, DOM attributes, SVG and SVG paths.
Popmotion Ltd

Video.js 5 Released: The HTML/CSS and JavaScript Web Video Library code
Release notes, if you’re interested.

HTML: Hired Transformed My Life 
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Uncanny Valley: A Realistic WebGL Face That Follows Your Pointer demo
Fractal Fantasy

SVG Aircraft Instruments demo