Frontend Focus
Issue 212 — October 28, 2015
A ton of useful insights, tips, videos, and more, on debugging issues in Web apps, front end development, etc.
Remy Sharp

WebP is an image format developed by Google that can provide both lossless and lossy compression. It can trump both PNG and JPEG on size at a similar quality, but Firefox, IE and Safari don’t yet support it.
Smashing Magazine

Support is still patchy (but growing) but this is a good time to check out the Push API, a mechanism for which Web apps can push notifications to a client at any time.
Mozilla Hacks

Create mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone using a hyper productive PhoneGap development environment
Telerik   Sponsor

Up-to-date data on support for typographic related features on the Web, like fractions, WOFF and font stretching.
Bram Stein

From a WebGL inspector and a feed reader, to a REST client and a multi-line JavaScript console.
David Voyles

A library for editing your images with Instagram-like filters directly in CSS.

A quick guide to using the Speech Recognition API to recognize commands and play audio in the browser.
Ivan Dimov

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In Brief

Typekit Retiring Web Font Support for IE6 and IE7 news
They make up only 0.204% of their traffic anyway.

CSS Scroll Snapping Change Proposal news
A unofficial draft proposal of an alternate model for scroll-snapping.

New @getify Workshop: Functional-Lite to Asynchronous JS course
Join us LIVE November 5th 6th! (online or in-person)
Frontend Masters  Sponsor

W3C Releases Web Developers Avenue news
A new one-stop page featuring the resources and tools the W3C has for Web developers.

Notes from the Future of HTML (TPAC) Meeting news
A W3C meeting that took place this week.

Thoughts on “Notes from the future of HTML session at TPAC” opinion
Some extended thoughts on the notes linked above.
Steve Faulkner

'input' I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down opinion
“Here’s a story about the ‘input’ element, how it got to be the jerk that it is, and why it needs to die in a fire.”
Monica Dinculescu

Using PostCSS Together with Sass, Stylus, or LESS tutorial

How To Manipulate SVG Text tutorial
Steven Bradley

Marking Up Measurements Correctly in HTML5 tutorial
TIL that Prime; and prime; are two different glyphs..
The New Code

Sending HTML to Mailgun with cURL tutorial
Jonathan Palardy

Using Encrypted Media Extensions for Interoperable Protected Media tutorial
A look at Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions from the Edge perspective.
Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

Angled Edges with CSS Masks and Transforms tutorial
Jeremy Frank

HTMLhouse: Basic Online HTML Editor and Sharing Tool tools

bitIcon: A Programming Language Glyph Font tools
Ben Hawker

HTMLMinifier: JavaScript-Based HTML Compressor/Minifier code tools
Juriy Zaytsev

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