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Issue 211 — October 21, 2015
A deeper-than-you’d-expect look at using loopholes in the CSS spec for ‘commenting’ out certain CSS properties without doing it the intended way.

Brian Rinaldi discusses a number of methods to reduce the initial weight of a web page by delaying the loading of images that are outside of the viewport.
Telerik Developer Network

With imgix, integrating responsive images into your site could not be easier. imgix is fully-compatible with the srcset attribute, the picture element, and Client Hints. Learn how to start delivering responsive images in less than 30 minutes.
Imgix   Sponsor

When a parent/child relationship is evident visually, but isn’t represented in the DOM, ‘aria-owns’ can be used to establish that relationship in the accessibility layer.
Léonie Watson

As of the latest Windows Insider Preview build, Edge supports srcset, sizes, and picture, a ‘suite of technologies that make up responsive images’. Even if you’re not interested in Edge, this post looks at how they work.
Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

A quick look at the techniques you can use to detect and control screen orientation changes from an HTML5 game developer POV.
Creative Bloq

A discussion of some methods for making your apps available offline and an option for doing so in one line without relying on ServiceWorkers.
David Walsh

The InputDeviceCapabilities API provides details about the underlying sources of input events via a ‘sourceCapabilities’ object.
Paul Kinlan

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