Frontend Focus
Issue 232 — March 23, 2016
A superb slidedeck from a workshop given by Smashing Magazine’s proprietor. You should learn a few things from this.
Vitaly Friedman

How do Web Components fit into the current state of the Web, work cross browser, and adapt to the space they’re allocated? David Berner shows us how.
David Berner

Mobile is becoming the starting point in Chrome’s DevTools.
Paul Bakaus

Building out test suites is our specialty. We refactor. You build new features.
corgibytes   Sponsor

The WHATWG Fetch API provides a modern way to fetch network resources and gives you fine grained control over the details of the request and response.
Ehsan Akhgari

MS is participating in the W3C Browser Extension Community Group’s efforts to define standardized extension APIs.
Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

Covers a wide range of recommendations for making Web content more accessible.

Defines the W3C’s activities around DRM and corrects misconceptions about “EME putting DRM in HTML”.

W3C First Public Working Draft describing what people with low vision require for electronic content, tools, and technologies to be accessible.

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In Brief

Safari 9.1: Updates to WebKit in iOS/OS X news
New WebKit features include CSS variables support, Fast Tap (bye 350ms delay), and improved HTML5 Canvas image smoothing.

Firefox Dev Edition 47 Updates: User Agent Emulation and Popup Debugging news
Mozilla Hacks

Canvas toBlob() Support Added in Chrome 50 news
“Instead of manipulating a base64 encoded string that you get from toDataURL(), you can now you work with the encoded binary data directly.”
Paul Lewis

Previewing WebAssembly Experiments in Microsoft Edge news
Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

Google's Mobilegeddon Aftermath: Eight Months Into A Better Mobile Web news
Smashing Magazine

A Practical Introduction to Material Design Lite by Google tutorial

How to Create an Interactive Animated SVG Drum Kit tutorial

Canvas Vs. SVG: Choosing The Right Tool for The Job tutorial
Maria Antonietta Perna

Content and Display Patterns with Expressive CSS tutorial
John Polacek

Interview with Google Software Engineer Alex Russell video

Dreamfactory simplifies data connections for web apps rawurl tools
Free and open source, DreamFactory automatically generates REST APIs from nearly any data source. We'll even host it for you for free.
DreamFactory  Sponsor

PostCSS Mythbusting: 4 PostCSS Myths Busted opinion

PX, EM or REM Media Queries? opinion
Ever wondered if you should use px, em or rem units for your media queries?
Zell Liew

Web Typography Is Broken. Here’s How We Can Fix It opinion
Tom Bredin-Grey

CSS Flexbox Is Entirely Logical (Almost) opinion
Paul Robert Lloyd

Grunt Unused: Check for Unused Files in A Project tools
A Grunt task to check for unused files in a project and output them to the console.
Ryan Burgess

The Visual Component Library: A Modular CSS for Web Components code
A modular, extensible approach to CSS for the era of component-based Web application development.
Thomas Hoppe

RenderJS: A Serverless WebRTC Database using Chrome HTTP WebSocket Server code

Force.js: To Animate Elements and Move Around Your Page code
Multiple easing functions and uses CSS transforms by default.
René Tanczos

Get paid to share your developer knowledge with a global audience rawurl
Create and publish video training courses as a freelance Author. Flexible schedule, work from home. Apply today.
Pluralsight  Sponsor

Procedurally Generated Infinite WebGL City demo
My Little Rapture