Frontend Focus
Issue 237 — April 27, 2016
What are the bare elements you need and how can they come together? Originally published in 2013 but updated for 2016.
Louis Lazaris

A focus on security-sensitive situations in which performance can actually be a bug rather than a feature.
Mathias Bynens

The future of video on the web looks bright. In the future, we won’t need multiple formats, nor (obviously) Flash. HTML5 MPEG-DASH streaming is coming.
Stefan Lederer

Linode's SSD hosts are the perfect environment for any HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript media. Meet your website's demands with a lightening-quick cloud host offered at competitive pricing. 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support.
Linode   Sponsor

Pavels explores how PostCSS (the CSS post-processor) can help improve and maintain your CSS quality with code linting and analysis.
Pavels Jelisejevs

HTML support in email clients continues to improve (very slowly) meaning you can now produce simple ‘carousels’ with fallback options, given enough code and patience.
Geoff Phillips

A look at up-to-date front-end tooling as well as alternative approaches to compiling, building and automation that emphasize the human side of teamwork.
Karolina Szczur

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In Brief

Upcoming React Native Workshops with Scott Moss rawurl
Build world-class native apps in JavaScript. Plus native app developers can now build in the same paradigm across multiple platforms with React Native.
Frontend Masters  Sponsor

WebKit Updating Its Prefixing Policy news
WebKit’s new feature policy is to implement experimental features unprefixed, behind a runtime flag.

3 day Ember.js Workshop - Munich, May 30th to June 1st 2016 rawurl news
This workshop takes participants through building a full Ember.js application using modern Ember.js patterns.
simplabs  Sponsor

How to Design Rich Card-Based Layouts with Semantic UI tutorial
Ivaylo Gerchev

Making the Switch Away from Icon Fonts to SVG: Converting Font Icons to SVG tutorial
Sara Soueidan

Styling Text With SVG Filters tutorial
A walkthrough of recreating a text-effect off of US currency.
John D. Jameson

Getting Started with PostCSS: A Quick Guide for Sass Users tutorial
Svilen Gospodinov

Almost Complete Guide to Flexbox (without Flexbox) tutorial
A cheatsheet-esque guide that offers backwards compatible alternatives to flexbox properties.
Kenan Yusuf

The Tilde CSS Selector, Use Carefully tutorial
Tips on how to avoid misusing the tilde selector.
Martin Falkus

Using the Web Audio API and WAD Library to Generate Sounds tutorial
Web Designer

React, IoT, Bots, APIs: Why Web Development Needs a Change opinion
Keith Horwood

A Revised Subgrid Specification opinion
Some thoughts on the revised subgrid proposal for the CSS Grid Layout specification.
Rachel Andrew

You Might Not Need A CSS Framework opinion
Highlighting some of the drawbacks of using a CSS framework.
Belén Albeza

Chart.js: Open Source HTML5 and JS Charting tools

Diffee Checker: Instant Visual Diffing with CSS Blend Modes tools
Enter two URLs (local is fine) and visually compare them with an overlay.
Una Kravets

Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet tools
A quick reference for Bootstrap v4.0.0-alpha.2
Alexander Rechsteiner

ClippyJS: Add Clippy to Any Web Page for Instant Nostalgia code

Scrollbear: Maintain Scroll Position As Images Load On A Page code
Howard Chang

Hamburger Menu Animations code
Jonathan Suh

Upcoming React Native Workshops with Scott Moss rawurl course
If you’re a JavaScript developer looking to build native apps or a native app developer looking to build in the same paradigm across multiple platforms, this workshop is for you.
Frontend Masters  Sponsor