Frontend Focus
Issue 238 — May 4, 2016
Did you know you can use PostCSS to inline images, calculate dimensions, inline and modify SVGs, and more? PostCSS is an increasingly powerful part of a modern front-end toolset.
Aleks Hudochenkov

A thorough look at pseudo-classes (like :first-child) and pseudo-elements (like :before) with plenty of live Codepen examples to play with.
Ricardo Zea

A thorough comparison of both native and library-based Web animation technologies with useful pros and cons to help you choose for your next project.
Sarah Drasner

Frontend Masters
You probably use dev tools for tweaking CSS or the interactive console...but there is so much more! Let’s look at everything the dev tools have to offer. Join Jon Kuperman and learn how to edit, debug and profile web applications with Chrome Dev Tools.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

As part of Chrome’s intent to deprecate powerful features on non-secure origins, it no longer supports the HTML5 Geolocation API over non-secure connections.
Paul Kinlan

All 31 talks from the 4th Forward Web Summit - a JavaScript and Web culture event looking at the technologies and tools we can use to move the web forward.

A thorough tutorial covering the basics of creating animated 3D scenes in the browser using Three.js.
Karim Maaloul

Tim Baxter encourages us to move beyond ‘classitis’ (the “measles of markup”) to writing rich, semantic HTML and CSS. Only habit is stopping us.
A List Apart

How to use fragment shaders in WebGL to create an animated heat haze distortion effect on images and text.
Lucas Bebber

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In Brief

Speed Up Page Load with WOFF 2.0 Fonts in Microsoft Edge news
Microsoft Edge Team

Updated Working Draft of the HTML 5.1 Spec news
The W3C working draft for HTML 5.1 was updated on May 3rd.

An Interesting Change to Browsing On Android news
Search results from the Google Android app now open in a Chrome custom tab. Peter Gasston says this may have an impact on mobile browsing habits.
Peter Gasston

Browser Trends May 2016: Firefox Finally Overtakes IE news
Mozilla can claim to have more web users than MS in the battle of the browsers.
Craig Buckler

Turn Errors into Awesome rawurl tools
Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. Get the context and insights to defeat all application errors. Full-stack error tracking for all apps in any language.  Sponsor

How to Design Rich Card-Based Layouts with Semantic UI tutorial
Ivaylo Gerchev

Introducing the CSS Grid Layout tutorial
Nitish Kumar

Reducing JPEG File Sizes for the Web tutorial
Colt McAnlis

So You Want to Make A PostCSS Plugin.. tutorial
Marcus Tisater

Streamlining the Sign-in Flow Using Credential Management API in Chrome tutorial
The latest version of Chrome (51) supports the Credential Management API.
Eiji Kitamura

The Cutting Edge of Browser Security video
A look at what the Edge team is doing to improve browser security.
Channel 9

Debugging Scroll Jank in Chrome 51 video
7 minute video with tips on improving scroll performance in Chrome.
Rick Byers

Enhance Your HTML5 Game's Sound with Dolby Audio video
A dev evangelist for Dolby shows how to use Dolby audio in HTML5 games.
Titus Blair

The Future of JavaScript - 2016 and Beyond rawurl opinion
Learn what's coming around for the most popular JavaScript frameworks in 2016 and beyond in this free whitepaper.
Telerik Kendo UI  Sponsor

Drinking the Web Through A Straw opinion
Thoughts on AMP, and how a simplified web experience could benefit all, not just mobile users.
M.G. Siegler

Flexbox Grid tools
A grid system based on the ‘flex’ display property.
Kristofer Joseph

Tools And Resources For Editing, Converting And Optimizing SVGs tools
Cosima Mielke

WAAPI Browser Support Test tools
A checklist of browser Web Animations API support.
Dan Wilson

20 of the Most Popular HTML5 Game Templates tools
Eric Dye

Easily Convert CSS to React Inline Styles tools
A tool to help translate plain CSS into an inline JSON representation for React.
Jason Jarrett

ccapture.js: Library to Capture Canvas-Based Animations at a Fixed Framerate code
Jaume Sanchez

A Parallel Raytracer Built with TypeScript and GPU.js (WebGL/GLSL) demo

Create Your Own Star Wars Intro Crawl in Pure CSS demo
As it’s May the 4th.
Polar Notion