Frontend Focus
Issue 259 — September 28, 2016
A simple graph based visualization of web platform feature support.
Paul Irish

Is web development a series of ‘hacks’? Peter-Paul argues “it’s a qualified No, and we need to understand what we should do in order to avoid a future Yes”.
Peter-Paul Koch

A fantastic look at “some things you can do with SVG that you might not have seen, and perhaps not even considered possible.”
Mike Riethmuller

Forward Courses
Best practices for supporting web applications from a Front End Engineer's perspective, including dealing with DNS, configuring your node server, and building a flexible deploy system in JavaScript.
Forward Courses   Sponsor

A 45 minute talk covering what CSS to refactor and when, and how to avoid regressions when adding new CSS.
Harry Roberts

Open to all, but aimed at beginners and educators, Thimble is a new online Web development interface.

A case study shaing some simple yet often overlooked front-end techniques that defer the use of JavaScript as much as possible.
Marko Dugonjić

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  • Frontend Developer at X-Team (Remote)We're looking for a developer with an extensive knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and skills in different JS-based frameworks. We are 100% remote and we provide the funding needed to help you achieve your goals and grow. X-Team
  • Senior Front-End Engineer (San Francisco, US)We’re looking for an experienced front-end engineer to join our small team of focused, dedicated technologists. Join us and help build our market leading Enterprise Dashboard. Quri
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In Brief

More Control with Clear-Site-Data and Feature-Policy news
Clear Site Data is a header that informs the browser to clear data related to the origin that sent the request.

Lightning fast SSD hosts for your HTML5 project rawurl tools
Host your HTML5 site on Linode servers - the fastest VPS hosts available. Use code HTML520 for $20 credit.
Linode  Sponsor

Methods for Controlling Spacing in Web Typography tutorial
Geoff Graham

Using 'round' and 'space' with CSS 'background-repeat' tutorial
Dudley Storey

Accessible Floating Labels tutorial
Matt Smith

9 Underutilized Features in CSS tutorial
Jordan Little

Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do with Chrome’s Console tutorial
Swagat Kumar Swain

CSS4 Grid: True Layout Finally Arrives video
Jen Kramer

CSS for Decoration slidedeck
Practical use cases for CSS Gradients, multi-background, and CSS Blend Modes.
Razvan Caliman

Taggd: A jQuery Plugin to Add Notes to Your Images tools
Add notes and additional information to images, responsively.
Tim Severien

Discover the world’s most trusted SQL Server comparison tool rawurl tools
Enjoy a free trial of SQL Compare, the industry standard for comparing and deploying SQL Server schemas.
Red Gate  Sponsor

Wenk: Lightweight Pure CSS Tooltips code
Just 683 bytes when gzipped.
Tiaan du Plessis

Canvas Gauges: Minimal HTML5 Radial and Linear Gauge Components code
Canvas Gauges

txt.wav: Weird, Wavy Text Effects code

Choreographer-JS: A Simple Library to Take Care of Complex CSS Animations code
Christine Cha

20 Stunning Examples of CSS3 Animation demo
Creative Bloq

Inspiration for Using Google Web Fonts demo
Some of Google Web Font’s 800 fonts brought together in tasteful, inspirational combinations.

Create Custom and Instagram-Like Photo Filters for CSS demo
Webapp to experiment with CSS filters and blend modes, Instagram style.
Indrashish Ghosh