#332 — March 21, 2018

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Frontend Focus

TUI Chart: Attractive Charts for the Web — Cross-browser (including IE 8) with bar, line, area, bubble, pie, heatmap, bullet, and boxplot charts out of the box as well as combined graphs.

NHN Entertainment

▶  Improving Page Performance with Chrome DevTools — 11 minutes of useful lessons including capturing screenshots as a page loads, using local overrides, and tweaking source on the fly then saving it locally.

Umar Hansa

How BBC Interactive Content Works Across AMP, Apps, and the Web — Publishing content to numerous media can cause a lot of extra development overhead. Here, Chris Ashton explains how one area of the BBC have approached the problem.

Smashing Magazine

Why Your Site is Slow — Issues like slow queries and redundant JS files are often blamed when a site is slow, although there are numerous factors that can affect performance. This presentation dives into the many answers to this question and looks for the root causes.

Pantheon sponsor

Unblocking Clipboard Access in Chrome 66+ — The Async Clipboard API supersedes the document.execCommand approach to clipboard interactions from JavaScript and makes the process asynchronous.

Jason Miller

Sensor APIs Are Now W3C Candidate Recommendations


Bringing Expressive Typography to Microsoft Edge with Variable Fonts — Leaning on recent innovations of OpenType Variable Fonts.

Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

Pell 1.0: A Tiny, Simple WYSIWYG Web Text Editor — No dependencies, ES6, and only 1.38KB minned and gzipped. Play with a demo here.

Jared Reich

eBook: The Modern App Stack (MERN and more) — This free book includes code tutorials you can explore from your eReader or phone.

MONGODB sponsor

How We Adopted CSS Grid at Scale — From team buy-in to fallbacks, how one team approached the implementation of CSS Grid.

Julian Gaviria

Sensor APIs are now W3C Candidate Recommendations


💻 Jobs

Software Engineer at Fat Lama (London) — Technology and engineering is at the heart of what we do at Fat Lama - help us build the rental marketplace for everything.

Fat Lama

Senior Frontend Engineer (Berlin) — Love working at scale, solving challenging engineering problems, and think like our customer? This is the place for you.


Front-End Expert? Sign Up for Vettery — Create your profile and we’ll connect you with top companies looking for talented front-end developers.


📙 Tutorials

The Security and Performance Benefits of rel='noopener' — When a link opens another page in a new tab or window, the new page can still access the previous one with JavaScript. You can prevent this with a single rel attribute.

Adam Laki

CSS Grid Application Layout in Production — Application layout using CSS Grid while maintaining IE11 support.

Philipp Sporrer

Rendering Engines and Tips to Optimize Their Performance

Alexander Zlatkov

Theming with Variables: Globals and Locals — How to use CSS variables to theme a design system without falling into common traps.

Andrés Galante

Creating a Vue File Reader Component Using the FileReader API

Alex Jover Morales

Getting Started with the Web MIDI API — Covers the basics of MIDI and the Web MIDI API showing how simple it is to create frontend apps that respond to musical inputs. It’s quite niche but also neat the Web platform can handle this.

Peter Anglea

Easing Gradients: Why and How — Makes linear CSS gradients look a lot nicer but requires workarounds for now.

Andreas Larsen

CSS: The Bad Bits (And How to Avoid Them) — The ‘bad bits’ being global scope, overly specific rules, implicit percentage rules, and z-index.

Joe Forshaw

🔧 Code, Tools & Demos

Trianglify.io: Web-Based Low-Poly Triangle Pattern Generator — Ideal for backgrounds. Can output PNG or SVG.

Quinn Rohlf

Fix JavaScript Bugs Like a Boss 🛠

ROLLBAR sponsor

27 Examples of Styling HTML Tables from CodePen — A wide variety of examples here complete with code to learn from.

Freebie Supply

Driver.js: A 'Tour'-Style Mechanism to Drive a User's Focus Across Web Page Elements

Kamran Ahmed

OffscreenCanvas Nearly Here; A Demo — Currently behind flags in Chrome and Firefox, OffscreenCanvas provides a canvas that can be rendered off-screen (such as in Web Workers).

Eric Bidelman on Twitter

Try Ext JS: A JavaScript Framework to Build Responsive Apps Quickly

Sencha, Inc. sponsor

Super Mario World Made Only with CSS Gradients — Just an animation but pretty cute techniques used here.

Alcides Queiroz