#336 — April 18, 2018

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Chrome 66 has been released on Chrome's stable channel this week. As well as the usual new DevTools goodies, the big news for Web developers is that media autoplaying policies have changed.

Media without sound (or muted) will automatically play as before, but media with sound now only autoplays under certain conditions. If your site relies on autoplay, check that things are behaving as expected.

Site Isolation is another new feature to be aware of, though it's only being rolled out to a 'small percentage' of users on a trial basis, for now.
— Chris Brandrick, Editor

Best Practices with CSS Grid Layout — Now that CSS Grid development is becoming mainstream, developers are looking for good rules of thumb - Rachel Andrew looks at both best practices but also some things you probably don’t need to worry about.

Rachel Andrew

Going Offline with Service Workers — In this excerpt from his new book Going Offline, Jeremy Keith introduces us to Service Workers, a critical component of Progressive Web Apps. This is a great high-level introduction.

Jeremy Keith

The New Generation of Project Management Tools Is Here and It’s Visual — monday.com is a visual tool your team will actually enjoy using. It makes it fun and easy for everyone to collaborate, focus on what's important, and get more done. A project management tool that’ll help you and your team collaborate and achieve more together.

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The Front-End Developer Handbook 2018 Edition — An online guide that outlines and discusses the practice of front-end engineering, how to learn it and what tools are used in the practice, as of 2018.

Cody Lindley

What's New in Chrome 67's DevTools — 67 is the current ‘Dev’ channel release. It includes an improved network tab search feature, CSS variable value previews, the ability to copy a network request as a Fetch API call, and more.

Google Developers

Scroll to the Future: Scrolling on the Modern Web — A whirlwind tour of the latest CSS and JavaScript features that make navigating around a single page smooth, beautiful and less resource-hungry.

Anna Selezniova and Andy Barnov

Mission Critical: Optimizing CSS for CDNs — ‘Critical CSS’ is a technique for getting above-the-fold CSS for a page into the first 14KB window of the page request.

John Bender

Introducing the Accessibility Inspector in the Firefox Developer Tools — The Accessibility Inspector, now in ‘nightly’ builds of Firefox, allows you to inspect your site’s exposure to assistive technologies, such as screen readers.

Marco Zehe

💻 Jobs

Web Backend Developer (Fairfax, VA) — City State Entertainment is looking for an ASP.NET dev to help create Camelot Unchained, an RvR fantasy MMO for its studio in VA.

City State Entertainment

Front-End Engineer, React/Redux — At Manifold, we’re creating the world’s largest independent cloud marketplace. Made by developers who care, for developers who care.


Front-End Expert? Sign Up for Vettery — Top developers can get 5+ interview requests during their first week on Vettery.


📢 News & Articles

What's New in Chrome 66 for Developers — It came out on the general release channel this week.

Pete LePage

A New Web Performance Conference in London with 24 Industry Experts


'Can I Use' Now Tracking 'Do Not Track' API Support — All current browsers essentially support it now.

Can I Use

CSS Layout API Level 1: W3C First Public Working Draft


The Story of Getting Rid of the 'grid-' Prefix on CSS Grid Layout Gutter Properties

Manuel Rego Casasnovas

Open Source Spotlight: Make an Advanced Streaming App, Compete for Prizes

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📘 Tutorials

How Browsers Position Floats

Monica Dinculescu

Another Collection of Interesting Facts About CSS Grid — Including using the grid shorthand property, creating sticky footers, and using feature queries with Edge.

Manuel Matuzovic

Automating Your Feature Testing with Selenium WebDriver — An up to date intro to using Selenium from Java.

Nils Schuette

Editorial Design and CSS Grid: Inspiration and Examples — Breaking down an example of a CSS Grid-based implementation of a magazine-inspired editorial design. “passing an editorial design to web design is not easy although with CSS Grid we can achieve a quite acceptable result.”

Ricardo Prieto

Your Free Pass to Stronger Front-End Skills — You can learn a lot in 10 days—start a free trial & get unlimited access to expert-led dev courses & more.

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Cropping Away Negative Impacts of Line Height

Kevin Powell

Traversing the DOM with JavaScript

Zell Liew

A Brief Explainer on How 'font-display' Affects WebFont Load

Chris Coyier

🔧 Code and Demos

10 New Open-Source Bootstrap Themes

Alexander Rechsteiner

multi.js: A User-Friendly Replacement for Select Boxes with Multiple Attribute Enabled

Fabian Lindfors

element-to-pdf.js: Turn a DOM Element Into a PDF using Headless Chrome


pico.js: Client-Side Face Detection with JavaScriptGitHub repo.


Creating CSS Gradient Rounded Borders — A demo showing how CSS gradients can be applied to a rounded border.

George W. Park