#359 — September 26, 2018

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Frontend Focus

Trix 1.0: A Rich Text Editor for the Web — A WYSIWYG editor developed by the folks at Basecamp and creators of Ruby on Rails. 1.0 has just dropped and introduces support for image galleries.


The Complete Guide to Lazy Loading Images — If you want your pages to load and render faster, you can ‘lazy load’ your images so that they slot into place later in the process. This article introduces the concept and some different ways to achieve it.

Rahul Nanwani

Cheat Sheet: Functional Programming with JavaScript — JavaScript developers, here’s a handy resource for your reference stack. This cheat sheet structures some of the language features most commonly used by JavaScript developers interested in writing functional style code. Check it out.

Progress Kendo UI sponsor

The Importance of Manual Accessibility Testing — It’s great to automate your accessibility testing to get the most persistent feedback possible, but they need to work alongside manual tests as part of a larger testing process.

Eric Bailey

How to Build an Energy-Efficient, Low-Tech Website — An interesting look at what’s involved in making a Web site as efficient as possible, right down to running a low power Web server off a solar panel and dithering images to make them less resource-intensive.


What is Modular CSS? — A detailed explanation of modular CSS, a collection of principles (that originated at Yahoo and Yandex) for writing code that is maintainable at scale.

Scott Vandehey

Legacy WebAudio Content Will Break (Again) in Chrome 70 — If you’ve got any older Web Audio API code floating around out there, you might want to keep an eye on this issue.

Hacker News

💻 Jobs

Sr. Front End Engineer - Web Animations (San Diego/Remote) — You enjoy finding cool designs on Dribbble and making them a reality. You have an online profile with some rad CSS and JS animations.

MJD Interactive

Try Vettery — Create a profile to connect with inspiring companies seeking FrontEnd devs.


📘 Tutorials

Having Fun with Link Hover Effects — A collection of unconventional CSS hover link styles (e.g. if you hover over a link, the underline ‘wiggles’).

Geoff Graham

Accurately Measuring Layout on the Web — A good read if you want to beef up your browser rendering performance knowledge and understand how the structure of code affects how quickly pages render.

Nolan Lawson

Learn to Use Layered Architectures, Design Patterns and Application Frameworks — Online and evening M.S. in Software Engineering program. Advanced understanding of Java™, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript & more.

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Stacking Contexts, or Putting Things on Top of Other Things on the Web — A stacking context is an element whose children can be ordered three-dimensionally within the parent with no external elements getting involved in-between.

Isabel Brison

Demystifying the Service Worker Lifecycle

Chimezie Enyinnaya

Converting a WebGL Application to WebVR — Research engineer Manish Goregaokar shares what he’s learned (and some of the code he wrote) whilst porting a WebGL application to WebVR.

Mozilla Hacks

5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Join Us for SIGNAL on Oct 17 & 18

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Don't Use Empty or Low Content for Your Design System Grid Examples — Depending on what units your grid measurements use, the presence of text could impact how your grid layout works as seen in this extreme example.

Chris Coyier

🔧 Code and Tools

Refresh CSS Bookmarklet v2 — Lea Verou has updated a classic bookmarklet (originally developed by Paul Irish) that refreshes all stylesheets on the current page, now including those in IFRAMEs too.

Lea Verou

Feature Queries Manager: Toggle CSS Styles Within @supports Blocks — A tool for testing out your feature queries.

Ire Aderinokun

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Tabulator: A Fully Featured, Interactive Table JavaScript Library — Create interactive data tables quickly from any HTML table or JavaScript or JSON data source.

Oli Folkerd

T-Writer: A Native 'Typewriter Effect' Library — If you want to reproduce the effect of text being typed in real time.

Christopher Cavalea