#375 — January 23, 2019

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Frontend Focus

HTML5's Input Types: Where Are They Now? — HTML5 introduced 13 new types of form input (think things like type="color"), adding significantly to the number of different fields we could add to our forms. But what is the state of those field types today?

Drew McLellan

The Great Divide in Front-End Development Skills — An interesting think piece on what Chris Coyier perceives as a widening gulf between different types of front-end developer. Is there such a thing as a front-end developer or are we all becoming either UX engineers or JavaScript developers?

Chris Coyier

Building an Immersive Video-Delivered Experience — Understand how ClassPass leverages Bitmovin's streaming video capabilities for a interactive, remote fitness experience.

Bitmovin sponsor

Chrome to Experimentally Implement the Priority Hints API, A Way to Signal the Priorities of Resources — Provides developers with a way to hint at the ‘importance’ of a resource (img, link and fetch()) to prioritize the downloading of it sooner/later. Here’s the spec.


▶  Your CSS Layout Toolkit for 2019 — Goes through what we have now and what is coming next for CSS layout. Associated slides & code examples here.

Rachel Andrew

What's New in DevTools in Chrome 73 — Quite a lot of smaller things, including ‘Logpoints’ a way to log messages to the console without adding console.log() calls, keyboard navigation of the console, and the ability to manage geolocation overrides.

Google Developers

💻 Jobs

Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Articles, Opinion & Tutorials

What the Firefox DevTools Team Did in 2018 — A fantastic retrospective of what happened to Firefox’s DevTools last year, complete with helpful screenshots.

Nicolas Chevobbe

Why The Adoption of Web Accessibility Keeps Failing“Web Accessibility is a well-known web innovation among developers, so why does it end up last on the priority list?”

Max van der Schee

Free Guide - When to Choose ExtReact: A Guide for Developers & Managers — ExtReact includes an extensive component library built to work with your React apps. Read our guide to learn more.

Sencha, Inc. sponsor

How To: Back-to-top Button Without Scroll Events — An alternative way to build user interface features that rely on scroll position without actually observing scroll events.

Jason Zimdars

Full-Stack Development in the Era of Serverless Computing — A high level, Web developer-focused look at how serverless technologies are changing what it means to be a 'full-stack' developer.

Nader Dabit

Open Source, Google, and WordPress 5.0 with Matt Mullenweg — Jeffrey Zeldman speaks to coder, writer, and founding developer of WordPress Matt Mullenweg.

The Big Web Show podcast

Best Practices for Improving Page Load Speed Whitepaper. Download Now

Cloudinary sponsor

Faster Page Loads by Prefetching Links During Idle Time

Chidume Nnamdi

🔧 Code and Tools

Bob Ross Doing the Floss (Like a Boss) in Pure CSS — As the late great Bob Ross once said: “The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it...(even in CSS)”. I may have added that last bit, but this is a cute demo.

Steve Gardner codepen

A Well-Documented Webpack Boilerplate for Static Websites — ..that has all the necessary modern tools and optimizations built-in. It also has a perfect Lighthouse score.

Tristan Michael Lawrence

Catch Visual Bugs Automatically and Start Deploying Faster

Percy sponsor

Destyle.css: A Clean Slate for Writing CSS Without User Agent Styles — An opinionated reset stylesheet.

Nicolas Cusan

Infinity CSS Grid — You can add as many columns as you like, and you can merge the columns or insert columns inside columns. Everything is 0.1 Kb and it even works in IE10. Repo here.

Vladimir Carrer

GitHub Windows Edition: Turn GitHub into Windows 98 — A neat user style which transforms GitHub into a style reminiscent of Windows 95/98.

Alexander Prokhorov

   🗓 Upcoming Events

Frontend Developer Love, February 13-15 — Amsterdam, Netherlands — The biggest frontend developer / JS conference in the Netherlands.

UpFront Conference, March 22 — Manchester, UK — A frontend conference 'open to everyone who makes for the web'.

SmashingConf, April 16–17 — San Francisco, California — A friendly, inclusive event which is focused on real-world problems and solutions

CSSCamp 2019, July 17 — Barcelona, Catalunya — A one-day, one-track conference for web designers and developers.