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#​588 — April 12, 2023 | Read on the web

CSS Text Balancing with text-wrap:balance — Ahmad explores the CSS text balancing feature in his usual accessible style — highlighting where this feature may prove useful, even if support is currently limited.

Ahmad Shadeed

Handsontable 12.3: Data Grid with Spreadsheet Superpowers — There are a lot of JavaScript data grids out there, but none are quite like Handsontable. Its Excel-like design, keyboard shortcuts, and navigation make it the perfect tool for developers.

Handsontable sponsor

Chrome Will Support the WebGPU API by Default – Here’s Why That’s Important — Last week, with Chrome 113, Chrome shipped support for WebGPU, the next-gen web graphics API that aims to address the shortcomings of WebGL. Here, Andrew briefly explains why it matters.

Andrew Cunningham

Modern HTML Email (Tables No Longer Required) — Code emails? Well, the new Outlook switches rendering engines from Microsoft Word to Edge, meaning it may now be time to start coding email like it’s 2023. 🤞

Ollie Williams


📙 Tutorials, Articles & Opinion

Can You Create Beautiful Stroked Text in CSS? — Explores several different approaches for creating stroked text (or outline text) in CSS and with SVGs. Some neat end results here.

Rob O'Leary

Testing Localhost on Multiple Devices — Learn how to test your website or web app on various devices with these tools by finding your external IP address or using third-party apps.

Silvestar Bistrović

▶  Working with WebXR with Three.js and React — An ongoing series of videos on the basics of React Three Fiber (a React renderer for Three.js) and how to achieve common augmented reality related tasks.

Mohit Kumar Toshniwal

Using color-mix() to Create Opacity Variants — You can use this experimental CSS feature to adjust the opacity of a color via a clever hack, as demonstrated here.

Una Kravets

Check Out Our Latest Release — Our latest platform updates enable you to uplevel your CI/CD workflows with security, flexibility, and control.

Buildkite sponsor

▶  Create Amazing Patterns using CSS Gradients — Kevin runs through how to make complex, attractive background patterns with CSS.

Kevin Powell

The Relative Font Weight Axis: How Variable Fonts Ease Font Weight Transitions
Stefan Judis

Don’t Override Screen Reader Pronunciation
Adrian Roselli

Five Pieces of Advice for More Accessible Websites
Silvestar Bistrović

25 Cool CSS Animation Effects and How to Create Them
Donovan Hutchinson

🔧 Code, Tools & Resources

Tailwind CSS v3.3: Extended Color Palette, ESM/TS Support, Logical Properties, and More — We missed sharing this news last week, so here it is now in case you missed it too. This latest version of the popular utility-based framework adds new colours, TypeScript support, CSS variables changes, simpler RTL support, and more.

Adam Wathan (Tailwind)

Generate Dynamic Surveys and Forms Right in Your App using JSON — Self-host SurveyJS libraries to make forms in-house and have full control over the data flow between server and client.

SurveyJS sponsor

Iconhunt: A Search Engine for 150,000+ Icons — Powered by the open-source Iconify, you can search by keyword, then grab the SVG as code or file download.

Eirik Madland

Gradicol: A Handpicked Collection of CSS Linear Gradients — Some nice-looking options for gradients with one-click copy and paste, and there’s even a gradient editor that you can use to edit and customize any of the gradients in the gallery.

Gergő Pásztor

UI Content: Say Goodbye to Boring Lorem Ipsum — This resource lets you copy/paste text content into your design or HTML mockups that’s a little more interesting and engaging – without the need for Lorem Ipsum or similar filler.

Sayafii Ahmad

ColorMagic: An AI-Powered Color Palette Generator — Enter a keyword and this tool will generate a 5-color palette based on the word chosen. Gives you up to 5 free palettes per day for the free version.


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