Frontend Focus
Issue 185 — April 23, 2015

Apologies for the delayed issue this week, I've been busy chairing the O'Reilly Fluent conference. Hopefully we'll be rewarded by many great videos soon, however.

As great as HTML5 Canvas is, its inherently visual nature provokes accessibility concerns. There are, however, two features that can improve matters slightly.
Mark Sadecki

Slides (that mostly work alone) for a great talk given at O’Reilly Fluent this week.
Sanders Kleinfeld

Chrome adds push notifications support, providing a more app-like experience for your favorite websites.
The Verge

Transactional HTML emails often get neglected but they're important for growing and maintaining a healthy user base. To help you, we have open-sourced a collection of common templates for transactional email to download for free. Tables, inline CSS, unsupported CSS, desktop clients, web clients, mobile clients, various devices, various providers - all thought about and tested. Download now.
Mailgun   Sponsor

A W3C Working Draft that describes the best practices for identifying or selecting the language of content as well as locale preferences used to display data values and other information on the Web.

Provides an API for representing file objects in web applications, as well as programmatically selecting them and accessing their data.

As of this week, Google’s search algorithm is prioritizing ‘mobile friendly’ sites. Annie has some tips for keeping Google happy.
Annie Sexton

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  • Front-End Engineer at SRC:CLR (SF)SRC:CLR is a software security startup in the name of security for open-source code. You will join our front-end team and be a key part of the engineering process building our Angular single-page application. SRC:CLR
  • Full Stack Developer at AlphaSights (New York, NY)Write high quality and maintainable code. Be trusted to act autonomously and influence process/workflows, product direction, and technology choices. Work in a project team with two-week iterations. AlphaSights

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In Brief

W3C Working Draft: CSS Cascading and Inheritance Level 4 news
This CSS module describes how to collate style rules and assign values to all properties on all elements.

Signal: A New Conference To Unlock Communication Experiences rawurl
Learn about the future of the web and real-time communications from developers such as Philipp Hancke from and Guillermo Rauch of at Signal on May 19-20 in San Francisco.
Twilio  Sponsor

DevTools Timeline: Now Providing the Full Story news
HTML5 Rocks

W3C Proposed Group: Wearable Web Community Group news

So Coded 2015: An Event for 'Web Wizards' in Hamburg, Germany news
Takes place in July. Douglas Crockford and Rachel Myers are down to talk, amongst others.
So Coded WebRTC Troubleshooter Tool tools

How to find and fix the slowest code in your .NET application 
Find bottlenecks in your code or database boost performance with new ANTS Performance Profiler 9. Try free.
Red Gate Software  Sponsor

org-ioslide: Export Emacs' org-mode Documents to Google I/O HTML5 Slides tools
Lee Yen-Chin

An IxD (Interaction Design) Checklist tools
IXD Checklist

Double-Clicking On The Web: We Should Disable It opinion
Mattias Geniar An HTML5-based Online Image Editor demo
P G Jones

Websynths: Browser-Based Microtonal Instrument demo

An Interactive Drag and Drop Web Coloring Concept demo
There’s an article about it too.

MathBox: Presentation-Quality Math Diagrams in WebGL code

Strand: A UI Web Components Library on top of Polymer code
Strand components are cohesive in look and feel and designed to be interoperable.

WorkerExchange: A Wrapper for WebWorker and SharedWorker code
Steel Brain

wm-html-include.js: Include External HTML Pages without HTML Imports  code

CompareTo: A Custom HTML5 Attribute That Compares Two Passwords code
Alex Booker

Materialize: Responsive Front-end Framework based on Material Design code

elevator.js: A 'Back to Top' Button That Acts Like a Real Elevator code
Sure it’s silly but enjoy the demo anyway.
Tim Holman

egg.js: A Simple Way to Add 'Easter Eggs' to Web Pages code
Watches for certain keystroke sequences.
Mike Flynn

Pointer: Provides W3C Pointer Events for Handling User Input code