Frontend Focus
Issue 195 — July 1, 2015
A tool for Web developers who want to make their Web page or Web app work better on mobile devices.

Lea Verou is a well known CSS expert in our field and I had no idea she was working on a CSS book till now. It’s officially out this Friday. Note: Not an affiliate link or anything like that.

A tool designed to visualize how your site performs with assistive technologies and let you know about best practices to implement.
Khan Academy

Frontend Masters
Build full stack apps in JS with Scott Moss:
- 2-Days on Angular, Components and ES6
- 3-Days on API Design in Node.js

Join us (all or part) of the week July 20-25th!
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

Mat Marquis, once chair of the W3C Responsive Images Community Group but now the Responsive Issues Community Group, looks at the current realities of responsive design, element queries, container queries, and where RICG is going from here.
A List Apart

A recording of a panel at Streaming Media East about the future for streaming video online in a world without Flash.
Stefan Lederer

A look at some cool things you can do with checkbox input fields using only HTML and CSS.
Will Boyd

Service Workers enable webapps to take advantage of persistent background processing through an event-driven Web Worker. This 15 minute video from Jake Archibald explains what they’re about.

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In Brief

Trainspotting: Firefox 39 news
A look at the new developer-oriented features in Firefox 39.
Mozilla Hacks

MathML 3.0 Becomes ISO/IEC International Standard news
A mark-up language for expressions of statistical, engineering, and scientific math on the Web.

Data on the Web Best Practices Updated news

W3C's Web and Digital Marketing Convergence Workshop news
The W3C is hosting a workshop in Florida this September for marketers, advertisers and publishers.

MarkSheet: A Free Guide to Learn HTML and CSS tutorial
Jeremy Thomas

Getting Started With SCSS-Lint tutorial
SCSS-Lint cleans up SCSS code.
Hugo Giraudel

Convert A Chrome Timeline Data to an Animated GIF tutorial
Sergey Gospodarets

Fix Scrolling Performance with CSS will-change Property tutorial
Chris Ruppel

Learn Python Online with 1-on-1 Mentorship course
Learn to build web apps in Flask while learning object-oriented programming, TDD, and Heroku deployment. Sign up today.
Thinkful   Sponsor

Understanding Block Formatting Contexts in CSS tutorial

A True Gaming Experience with the Gamepad API tutorial

Input Validity in The HTML Spec tutorial
Ian McNally

Building Flight Arcade: Behind The Scenes with WebGL, WebAudio and GamePad API video

Ask HN: Best Host for A One-Page Website? opinion
Hacker News

Bodymovin: After Effects Plugin to Export Animations to Canvas or SVG tools code
Doesn’t yet work with CC 2015, however.
Hernan Torrisi

Simple Sharing Buttons Generator tools
Create mobile-friendly, static sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites.
Stefan Bohacek

The new .NET MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ‘Situation Critical’ tools
Find out why ANTS Performance Profiler is the ultimate .NET profiler in a new online adventure. Read it now.
Red Gate Software  Sponsor

OSG.JS: A WebGL Framework based on OpenSceneGraph Concepts tools
Cedric Pinson

An HTML5 Pomodoro Timer demo

rx-player: An HTML5 Video Player Written with Reactive JavaScript code
Creators Canal+ are essentially a French equivalent of HBO which makes this even more interesting.

Chill The Lion demo
A cute little demo hosted on CodePen featuring a lion and a fan.

Spectacle: A React.js Presentation Library code
Produce your slidedecks using React’s JSX.
Formidable Labs

9 JavaScript Libraries for Working with HTML5 Local Storage code