Frontend Focus
Issue 228 — February 24, 2016
Did you know you can link to telephone numbers from HTML? You can, but the behavior varies depending on the context.
Geoff Graham

One of the most significant books in the HTML5 space has been majorly updated after five years. Jeffrey Zeldman’s foreword explains more.
A Book Apart no longer delivers its icons via an icon font - it has switched to SVG. Here’s a look at the why and how.

Imgix is a real-time image processing service and CDN. Our new libraries enable you to implement lightboxes and zoom viewers without having to create multiple copies of the image, while also delivering it at high quality and speed, to every device or browser.
Imgix   Sponsor

A beautifully presented essay that makes some proposals for typography’s role on the modern Web.
Robin Rendle

A plugin that lets you write element queries inside CSS. These let you define CSS against the state of individual elements rather than the browser viewport.
Tommy Hodgins and Maxime Euzière

An interactive viewer to see and test how digital products respond to material design breakpoints across desktop, mobile, and tablet.
Google Design

See how each HTML5 form element natively looks on your OS and browser.
Joshua Jenkins

Links to several articles and tools you should check out if you want to get started with learning about the flexible box layout module.
Smashing Magazine

Now that Microsoft has ended support for old versions of IE, maybe it’s time to give your tools, code and processes a spring clean?

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In Brief

WebRTC 1.0 Under Consideration in Microsoft Edge news

Opera Working on New Desktop Browser Despite Company Sale news

CSS Snap Size: A CSSWG Editor's Draft news
“This module contains CSS features for aligning content size to a multiple of unit size.”

CSS Dev Conf 2016 Call For Speakers (San Antonio, TX) news
CSS Dev Conf

WordPress Sites Now Support Google’s AMP To Make Mobile Pages Load Much Faster news

New Advanced SVG Animation Course course
Learn to use resolution-independent, scalable, complex animations in a myriad of use cases on the web with SVG.
Frontend Masters  Sponsor

The Anatomy of a Frame tutorial
Nope, not 90s HTML frames, but a look at how Blink/Chrome renders content.
Paul Lewis

Editing CSS with WebKit's Visual Styles Sidebar tutorial
Devin Rousso

A Guide for SVG Support in HTML Email tutorial
Geoff Graham

7 Trends That Will Define Web Design in 2016 opinion
Diversity, illustrations, AI, split screen layouts, and more.

Managing Typography on Large Apps opinion
Harry Roberts

The Case For Migrating Existing Applications To Angular 2 rawurl opinion
Learn how Angular 2 takes full advantage of feedback from Angular 1.x users to shape many of its features and discover why it's almost always going to be advantageous to upgrade from Angular 1.x to Angular 2.
RANGLE.IO  Sponsor

Sliding Panels Template in CSS and jQuery code
A simple portfolio template, with project preview images that slide out to reveal the selected project.
Claudia Romano

Descartes: An Experimental Way to Write CSS in JavaScript code
An interesting, well presented experiment to make CSS more dynamic via JavaScript.
Jon Chan

Draft.js: A Rich Text Editor Framework for React code
From Facebook itself.

jQuery + CSS for a Simple Star Rating Widget code
Aaron Sama

Dash-video: A Web Component for Playing Back Dash Video code

Old Browser CSS Hacks code