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#​596 — June 7, 2023 | Read on the web

🥽 All the Browser and Web News from WWDC

Apple's annual developer conference is underway, and we've already had plenty of interesting tidbits and news shared (not least Apple's Vision Pro mixed reality headset). Spatial computing is their current phrase du jour, but what does developing web experiences for this environment look like? It's early days, but the sessions below provide a starting point and there's more on the way later this week:

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📙 Tutorials, Articles & Opinion

New CSS Color Spaces and Functions in All Major Engines — All three major browser engines now support the new CSS color spaces and functions — normalized ways to access colors within any RGB color space.

Rachel Andrew

An Introduction to @scope in CSS — A quick primer on how you can style based on proximity or by setting a lower boundary for a selector.

Ollie Williams

Magical Rainbow Gradients — The human eye is particularly sensitive to movement in the field of vision — so you can use this technique that Josh shares here (by way of CSS Houdini and React Hooks) to add a dash of eye-catching action to an otherwise static element on your page.

Josh W. Comeau

How to Develop a Super App Using Open-Source Library Re.Pack — Sign up for a training program that will help you learn how to deliver features faster in complex teams or products.

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Sharing WebSocket Connections Between Tabs and Windows — If your users open your app in multiple tabs or windows, being able to share a WebSocket connection could be a lot more efficient both at the client and server end. Is it possible? With SharedWorkers (supported by all major browsers except Chrome on Android), yes.

Szymon Chmal

Testing Sites and Apps with Blind Users: A Cheat Sheet — Things to consider for users of screen readers, often those with low vision and blindness.

Shestopalov & Shykiriavyi

Watch Out for Layout Shifts with ch Units — Since ch units (most commonly the width of a '0' character) are based on your current font, their value can change when fonts are loaded, resulting in unexpected layout shifts.

Paul Hebert

Re-Evaluating px vs em in Media Queries — We used to say ems were the best unit to use in media queries. Is that still the case in 2023?

Keith J. Grant

How Chrome Achieved High Scores on Three Browser Benchmarks
Thomas Nattestad

Three Ways to Find Your Worst JS Offenders for Page Load
Sia Karamalegos (Shopify)

🧑‍💻 JOBS

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🔧 Code, Tools & Resources

Hiber3D Development Kit: A JavaScript Library for Creating Web-Based 3D Experiences — Optimized for performance and includes built-in multiplayer, character controls, gameplay mechanics, React components, and an asset library of 500+ available “prefabs”. See examples here.


NakedJSX: Use JSX without React — If you like JSX and would like to use it to help in the production of static HTML without using React itself, this command line tool is for you. It even extracted scoped CSS classes and deduplicates them.

David Hogan

Breakpoints and console.log Is the Past, Time Travel Is the Future — 15x faster JavaScript debugging than with breakpoints and console.log, supports Vitest, jest, karma, jasmine, and more.

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Materialize: A Responsive Frontend Library Based on Material Design — More specifically, this is a 'community fork' of Materialize.css, an older unmaintained project, and includes quite a few components despite being listed as an ‘alpha’ release.


Faker.js UI: Easily Generate Fake (but Realistic) Data for Testing and Development using Faker.js — You can try the interface here. Search for a specific data type and use the “Generate Bulk” option for each type to quickly spit out whatever amount of data you need.

Joff Tiquez

ColourGPT: Use AI to Generate a Colour Palette Based on a Description — Type the number of colors you want and some keywords, for example, “7 colors like the blue sky” or “5 colors in scarlet red”.

Bruce Röttgers

SVG Gradients: A Gallery of 40+ Beautiful, Click-to-Copy SVG Gradients
Michael Andreuzza